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Where can you find the hottest girls in London.

Would you like to work for a London escorts service? On occasion, I do talk to people about my London escorts career. One of the first things they ask is if I was recruited by a London escorts service. It may surprise you, but most girls who work for London escorts were actually recruited. I know escort agencies in London often have a section for recruitment, but very few girls use that. Personally I was recruited at a sex fair in London. I was helping a company sell sex toys, and was asked if I wanted to work for an escort agency. At the time, I was working in a private club, and still today, a lot of girls are recruited at clubs. But that does not mean that all of the hottest London escorts can be found in clubs.

My best friend at our London escorts service was recruited in a local McDonalds. She had just arrived in London from Poland and was desperate for a job. Arena wanted to be a model, but she soon found herself working for London escorts instead.Another good place to recruit girls for London escorts are cocktail bars. Some of the top bars in London have very attractive staff and many of them do make great London escorts.

I often joke with them that they are perfect for the job as they are used to walking around in heels all of the time. These girls also make great London escorts, but I think that they often have a steep learning curve when it comes to getting the necessary experience. Modelling agencies is another good place to recruit sexy girls for London escorts. Girls arrive my the drove in London wanting to be models, but very few of them make any real money. But, one think that they have in common, is this desire not to go back home. They all want to make something out of their life in London, and you can’t really blame them. Life can be tough back home for girls from places like Poland and Hungary, and they will do almost anything to stay in London.

It is not only girls from Poland and Hungary who are desperate for jobs. Girls from places like Argentina and Brazil who are studying in London often appreciate some casual work. If you are looking for hard working London escorts, it could be a good idea to check out some of the higher forms of education in London. Both training course and universities are packed with girls wanting to make extra money.

I know a couple of London escorts who have used the money they have made at the best outcall London escort agency to pay for student things.

Most of the time girls like university students work hard, and they are popular at London escorts as well. Business dating is very popular at London escorts, and if you like, smart girls are very popular when it comes to business dating. It just goes to prove that hot escorts in London come in many shapes and sizes.

Safety Tips For Escorts When Dealing With New Clients

Escort business can turn out to be a risky affair more so when a new client is involved. Escorts should watch out for the tall tale signs of trouble from the conduct of a client to remain safe if caught up in a mess. The following tips are crucial to help escorts escape difficulty while maintaining good relations with new clients:

Never Drink Alcohol

Never drink alcohol when offered by a client or meet them when drunk. Your only reason for attending the client is to give them a memorable sexual experience and not merrymaking. Malicious clients can race the alcohol with other drugs, rape you alone or in a gang, and steal from you. Also, alcohol reduces your ability to make informed decisions which might place you in a precarious position.

Uphold Professional Conduct

You must present yourself to the clients in a professional manner since they will judge and be willing to pay you by your appearance. Stick to your terms of service and never negotiate about them with a client. For instance, if you require a 50 percent down payment, let the customer first pay the amount before agreeing to meet them. You should never rely on your clients’ promises since honesty is a rare virtue in this trade. Do not shy away from requesting clients to provide you with all the details you require to feel safe with them such as contacts and mailing address. Escorts have met immeasurable brutality in the hands of strangers. You must have ever heard of Jack the Ripper.

Never Meet a New Client in Their Home

Outcalls should strictly be for repeat clients. They are the kind of clients who will call the agency and request the services of a specific escort. You know the client’s behavior, and you would not feel scared of meeting them alone. Meeting a new client in their home can be risky since they might have demands that are unacceptable to you such as group sex, fetish sex, and long duration of sex against your agreement.

What not to Carry in your Purse

You should never carry any documentation that can identify you such as credit cards, and utility bills, and identity cards, in the event a meeting with a client turns awry. You should also not carry too much cash with you since you might be mugged or even attract an unruly client to rob from you.

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